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Hi there – looking for Vattoz, the online music player? You're in the right place, but it's no longer available. Don't worry, though – what we can do is point you to alternative places where you can stream and play music from, right here on this page. Why don't you take a quick look at some of these before you go?

Alternative Streaming Music Services To Check Out


The Paris, France-based Deezer has over 40 million tracks in its catalog and over 30,000 radio channels on offer for listeners all over the world.[*] It's available for Desktop, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and more (click here to check device/platform availability). You can connect with Deezer on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and even on Pinterest.

Apple Music

Apple Music is Apple's [sic] own music streaming service, unique due to its curated Internet radio station Beats 1, and their Connect blog platform which lets artists share content and interact with fans, among other things. It's primarily available to Mac and iOS users, though Android users can now access Apple Music as well (click here to see what devices are compatible). You can see them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.


The Jay Z-owned Tidal is a music and video streaming service with an over 35 million higher-fidelity music catalog and more than 85,000 music videos, a significant number of which are exclusive to the service. It's cross-platform and widely available across the globe, and you can choose between a standard-fidelity subscription plan and a HiFi plan that offers “lossless”/”CD-quality” music streaming. You can also find TIDAL on Facebook and Twitter.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a streaming music service and music locker, where users can upload up to 50,000 tracks of their own music for their listening convenience, in addition to its catalog of over 30 million tracks available for either streaming or purchase in over 50 countries.[*] Play Music is currently available for desktop users (via web browser), iOS, and Android. You can connect to them on Twitter and Instagram.


Arguably the most popular streaming service today, Spotify is a music, podcast, and video streaming service. Listen free with advertisements, subscribe to remove the ads, get higher-quality tracks, and offline playback for when you're on the go. Find them on social via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

* As of February 2016

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Special Feature

4 Interesting Music Streaming Services (That Aren't Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Or Tidal) That You Should Check Out

The future of music is here: it's online, it's great, and it'll only get even better for those of us who love listening to it and discovering the latest, the greatest, and the finding those little gems and diamonds-in-the-rough of tracks here and there. We know the big names in this space – Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal, just to name a few – and we're all mostly spoilt for choice when it comes to getting our music fix. But did you know that there are some lesser-known online streaming services that offer some great music that you may not find on any of these?

Well read on and listen up, 'cause I've got some things to tell you and places to point you towards – these are four of the more interesting music streaming services that every music lover needs to check out!



SoundCloud is arguably one of the more under-the-popular-radar music streaming websites and distribution platforms around. It caters to both musicians and music fans, allowing anyone to upload and promote their own music, as well as providing a unique, social listening experience. Fans can comment on tracks at specific times, and these comments will automatically appear at those times as the track plays. It's also easy to embed tracks or albums on websites and share them on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps one of the most interesting features that SoundCloud has to offer is that on desktop web browsers, you get continuous autoplay that conforms to your musical preferences and tastes, based on your likes and listening history. So the more you use SoundCloud, the more it learns about what you like, and you get more of the types of music you enjoy played for you. Check out SoundCloud here.



Australia-based Guvera Music is one of streaming services that have been quietly growing and serving more and more countries around the world. With a catalog of over 26 million tracks (and growing), Guvera boasts a fast-growing userbase of satisfied music lovers they serve with expertly-curated playlists, smart radio stations that serve you music based on your tastes and preferences, and a social music experience that includes both your friends and the artists you follow. Check out Guvera here.



Beatport is an online music and video streaming service and store that specializes in electronic music and culture, catering to both fans of the genre and music creators alike. They also go beyond just the music itself, offering news, reviews, charts, events, and more. Feeling creative or curious about dipping your toes into electronic music creation? Beatport can set you up with sounds, beats, and samples to help you out in your production. If you're looking for more than just music, Beatport provides curated playlists and live and on-demand video streaming as well, just to name some of the good stuff they have to offer. Check out Beatport here.



And finally, we get to Musicovery, one of the more unique and interesting music streaming services you can find online – it's probably one of the most customizable music recommendation and discovery engines you can use out there. Using Musicovery's mood board, you can tell it to play you music based on a particular combination of moods, as well as include or exclude certain genres, ban specific songs, select a degree of popularity (if you want more of the hits) or obscurity (if you want to discover a bit more), and so much more. I could go on and on, but the best way to know more about what Musicovery can do for you is to just experience it, and experience it you should. If you have to just pick one out of the four places written here to visit, I recommend you visit this one – check out Musicovery here; if you love discovering new music, you won't be disappointed.

There we go – four more places to check out for the music lover who wants just a little bit more beyond what the biggest or most popular have to offer. Did you find something you like?

About the Author: Andre Salvatierra is a freelance writer who loves culture, technology, and well-designed things and great experiences. You can find him on Medium and Twitter.